Wednesday, March 10

This Jimmy Kimmel guy is funny!

I very rarely watch Kimmel, not for any reason other than not just not getting around to it. And on the few occasions I do, I feel quite ashamed that I don't take invest more time in working some Jimmy into my day. Because he is so freaking funny.

Last night, chatting up that Gabourey girl from "Precious" or his latest installment of "Secrets from Lost" (an exceptionally funny one with Ben Linus/Michael Emerson) ... and I was literally LOL'ing. And that's a good thing.

As long as it includes Affleck, then it is indeed a 'Handsome Men's Club'.  I heart you, Ben!!

... and if you missed it, this gem... The Handome Men's Club

And for posterity... from LOST, it's Ben Linus' "Situation"

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