Tuesday, January 2

Aquaphor... and counting!

This "healing therapy" is constantly cited by pro makeup artists as a "must-have" in their bag o' tools. Bosh! C'mon, it's just not-so-sticky petroleum jelly, ain't it?? Well, either way, thus begins my list of "Four... and counting! Great Uses For Aquaphor":

1) Great for dry lips!

2) Great for makeup removal!
OK, there's more on that: great for removing EYE makeup. And here's another goody: y'know when you're doing that whole day-to-night thing? Ever spend most of that time trying to cover some raccoon-ish mascara run-off with concealer?? A mini-dab of Aquaphor, tissue off the day's debris, and start anew.

3) Makes great shimmery glow!
A little on the brow bone, a little on the apples of the cheeks, and now you've got that dewy thing that all the Hotty McHotties are sporting. Also, don't be shy about mixing a little bit of eyeshadow or blush in with that little bit of Aquaphor for dewy color. Be advised, I really mean a "little", so use good judgement. You want "dewy" not "major greasiness problem in the T-zone".

4) Rescusitate that pedicure!
So, this is only a band-aid, to get you through to that next pedicure, especially if you're rushing off to a big to-do, in like less than... well soon! First, make sure the toenails are not in need aof a major and obvious trim, and also that nail color is intact. If it's chipping, by all means, lady, touch it up! (Oh, and if you're wearing a peep-toe number and certain there will be no dramatic-kicking-off-of-the-heels at the end of the evening, then you can definitely get away with only ensuring nail color on the big toe and it's two closest pals). If you have to re-apply, I definitely recommend those fast-drying nailpolish formulas.
THEN! rub a little Aquaphor on the heels (particularly if you're wearing strappy sandals where your heel will be naked!), and then --and this is the most important part -- once all toenail color is dry, also rub Aquaphor across your footsie's cuticles!!
Obviously, people don't hang out at parties inspecting other people's feet, so you can always get away with this.

OK, now your turn... feel free to add!

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