Wednesday, July 12

Faster Than You Can Say Manicuuuu...

I wouldn’t say this is a must-know tip, since it’s more of a confession of one of my secret “fixes” and with that in quotes, I mean it’s less of a “fix” than it is a “band-aid”… but it works for me, and I’m willing to share it with you:

In this case, the band-aid for when I’m sporting a long-expired manicure, when the polish is now chipping and the nail tips are flaking off with it, and I’m rushing off to somewhere where the sight of dry, chipped, or bare nails might be so alarming it might make small babes and animals cry in agony. OK, it’s not that bad, but chipped nail polish (mainly on myself, so don’t be paranoid) has been such a distraction when I’m at a party or someplace when I should be feeling fabulous, but instead, trying to hide my hands behind my back the entire time.

But I digress.

Revlon Super Top Speed Nail Polish, particularly in Sheer Cotton Candy 030. Great for a last minute, super top speed manicured look. Here's the dilly-o. This stuff dries in 60 seconds as promised, and here's how to maximize those 60 seconds: take as long as you want showering, doing your hair, getting dressed, picking out jewelry, putting on makeup, changing your outfit, picking out shoes, having to change the outfit again, etc. etc.

... THEN: Right before leaving the house, remove any nail polish, and/or wash your hands (do this after applying any kind moisturizer or lotion). Leave your house. Get in the car. Put on your seatbelt. Get ready to drive.

... THEN: Put on the nail polish. In fact, slippity slap it on. It's sheer, any mistakes are forgiving. The polish will quickly dry to a nice shiny finish super quick.

Some Thoughts Delivered in Super Top Speed:

  1. Yes, it's not a lot of color, per se. But in a pinch, a little sheer shine is 561 times better than bare nails or chipped polish. Certainly looks more elegant.
  2. Yes, Revlon makes other colors that also dry quickly, but be aware, you'll be required to pay a wee more attention to being neater with the application.
  3. You can store the nail polish... in your car for such situations, and in the event of a run in your hose! But I do advise against leaving nail polish in a car during extreme weather months, obviously.
  4. Disclaimer: I might come from a Revlon family, but I'd recommend this product anyway. It really does what it says by drying quickly, the quality is good, and it's Revlon for goshsakes! (And before you start asking for free stuff, let me clarify, I said I was from a Revlon family. Not the Revlon family.)

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