Thursday, January 4

Thanks TSA, ladies love miniatures!

Travelling much? Then, you can identify 3 ounces on sight, and are all over the lock-and-load policy that is gonna make Ziploc a whole lotta moula... Well, in case you haven't heard the 3-1-1 (har har, TSA, you funny) on the latest travel restrictions for carry-on luggage, here's the basics... 3 ounces max of liquidy, gel-ish type stuff, in a 1 quart Ziploc, and 1 per person.
(Click on here for the TSA's fully extrapolated details on said-restrictions)

OK, so fine. But you ever see what's out there? In the world of mini-travel products? Not a lot, unless your local grocer or pharmacy specializes in that stuff. So, for your happy usage, I present Minimus one of the best places online to find a lot of your favorites in itty-bitty convenient and TSA-friendly size packaging! Small deodorants! Small shampoos! Small mouthwash! ( Hey, travel with your own salad dressing or soy sauce? Say goodbye to condiment confiscation! They've got pretty much everything!

And even if you're not headed anywhere where miniatures are your passport to travel, check out the site anyhow, lots of cool stuff to pick from... individual nail polish remover wipes? Great to keep in your desk at work. Those Brush-Up non-toothbrush thingys? Great to keep in your car. And you portion control peeps out there, individual packaging is the best way to keep tabs on one tablespoon of peanut butter, no more no less!

Enjoy! Well, enjoy it a little.

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  1. Also checkout They have a great selection too!