Tuesday, July 24

Road Bad

I travel this one rural road every day to work.  

And last month, I hit a terrible pothole.  Brutal.  Like, I felt the jolt of it radiate from my butt to the top of my head (as it hit the roof my car interior.  And I am short.)

The same pothole has been there for nearly a month.  Worsened by the fact that it doesn't even look like a pothole, or anything worthy of bracing yourself while soccer-momming the nearest passenger.
If you'd like to ruin your vehicle's suspension, here's where you can go to do it:  http://goo.gl/maps/NYRY
Beautiful, historic Canal Road, in Griggstown, NJ (07/24/12)

If I don't need a new suspension soon, then I will probably need a whole new car altogether.  And a new skull.  Or something to fill in the skull-shaped dent in the roof of my car.

But something happened.  If you have any doubts that your fellow man is not looking out for you, good citizen, well think again.

Two words appeared on the roadway... two individual words that make complete sense when read in the correct order....  Two words that make even more sense when you then steer your car right at the graffitied orange circle a bit further down the road. 

Ad Hoc Pothole Warning System -- now available in easily-visible orange.

Inspires me to keep a can of spray paint handy in case such public service opportunities arise.  I want to participate in this latest display of Your Community, hard at work for each other.  Karl Marx would be proud.

Except today, the idiot behind me still drove right through the pothole.

So I will be carrying aforementioned can of spray paint to also advocate literacy. 

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