Friday, June 13

The Revival

Back for now, possibly!

Have a new job, and thus a new life (to some degree), and remembering (perhaps incorrectly) how much I enjoyed blogging.  And here I am.

Long story short:
First had a blog.
Then had the blog for work.
Then didn't need to blog for work.
And now I have a new job.
I am now in a completely Sliding-Doors/180-degree/Bizarro-World version of my old career.  And it's not just the diametrically opposed differences in my responsibilities and the industry, but also the culture and the people.  But I'm starting to think it's not so much that things are really different here, it's that I'm finally realizing that there is nothing "normal" about the entertainment industry; I'm just experiencing "the regular world" for the first time and it is taking me a bit of getting used to.

Oh my childish wonder, when I am informed of the mundane:
"No, you don't have to do that, we have a department that handles that."

Or even better:
"Memorial Day?  Of course you don't have to come in!  We're closed, silly!"

Oh my God.  Yeah, HOLIDAYS.  Holidays belong to me now!  Not that I minded so much before; after all, it was understood that holidays and weekends are just names for regular days in the week, such is the nature of "the biz".

But now, if we're approaching the end of the week before a long weekend, I no longer have to panic about mapping out how the next few days will go, in order to get an entire long-weekend's worth of work done by 5PM on Friday (a.k.a. 8PM on Friday).   Instead, I get to look forward to an easy Friday that will probably end early, since everyone else will also be taking off earlier than usual.

And -- GET THIS -- apparently, most people in the world also do this.

Pret-ty effing amazing.

And now, I get to be one of them.

One of The Normals.

I love them.  They're so ... polite.

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