Monday, July 23

"ANY Super Power, you say?"

The ability to apply CTRL + Z in real life. 

 1)   That is my answer when the question (in question) comes up either in an all-important online poll -- the ones that enable your friends to know The Real You more fully.... OR in a 2am lazy scramble for a brilliant conversation topic. Yes, the type of brilliant conversations at 2am that can only happen between two people who probably shouldn't be driving home.

<<  The Question in question being: "If you could have, like, any super power at all, what would it be?" >>

2) When you ask me that question, don't tell me that CTRL+Z-ing in real life doesn't count because it potentially wrecks with that ever-fragile "time-space continuum".  Because I will hit you with my flux capacitor made of my open palm and say, "You're a fricking idiot."

 When you ask an e-Harmony generated question like that, my unnamed friend-whose-name-rhymes-with-Shawn, you're not allowed to make rules regarding technical specifics that you only learned from Doc Brown.

So, all that having been said, my super power of choice is the ability to Undo in real life.

No, not like the instant-replay button on your Tivo. A complete Undo function, that requires the holding down of one button while at the same time applying pressure on a second, adjacent button. The two-stepper is sort of a fail-safe, to discourage accidental, errant Undo-ing of things, spoken words, events, mistakes, etc.

Does it have a catch?    Duh, of course it does, it's a super power.

So, obviously, the ability to Undo does not necessarily mean a Redo is viable -- maybe that can be someone else's super power, maybe someone who works in an assembly line -- but being the ever-guilty Catholic that I am, then of course, my superhumanity would have to be kept in check by some negative side effect.

Maybe everytime I pull an Undo, I get this incredible urge to hurl.  Like furiously vomit.   Yeah... I like it. 

So there it is -- when you say "ANY super power" and then give me some cockamamie list of caveats, I will pull an Undo, projectile hurl all over you, and then say, "Eh, I'm good thanks."

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