Friday, December 2

The Secret Maid

Wasn't me!  (or was it??) Ever hear a story that is SO outrageous, but somewhat believable... because there are details in it that are so specific that only a few certain people would know of its truth?  A story so elaborate and detailed, only made even more outrageous because ....  the story is about YOU????

This happened to me quite recently.  Wednesday, in fact, when Shinn came in to work early.

For some reason, we started reminiscing about old friends, and old flames, and old homes, and old parties... and pretty soon we were talking about "that one Christmas party".

Which one, you ask?   In fact, I did ask, because there quite a many Christmas parties.

Shinn:  "The one where you cleaned my entire home, top to bottom.  Took out all the trash, recyling, even put away all the leftover food."


"Yeah.  I woke up the next day, and the whole place was immaculate.  Even my kitchen counter was sparkling."


"Yeah.  That party."

OK, so like I remember that  party, and I vaguely remember putting a dish or two away in the fridge, but I sure as heck don't remember going all Mrs. Doubtfire all around Shinn's palacial estate.  WTF?

And furthermore.... even if I had... drunk, I assume... how could I NOT remember a single thing about it?

Apparently there were others who can attest to my forgotten housekeeping skills from that day, so I am apt to believe this story.  Also because I turn into a crazy cleaning freak on occasion.

I just simply don't remember it, that's all!

+ + + +  

That ever happen to you?  Something so crazy and out there that you have no recollection of whatsoever, but there is proof out in the world that says otherwise?

It's almost like losing your mind, but in a good way.

After all, I did take out the recycling too.

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