Tuesday, November 15

"Gigantic Head Drives Car, News at 11"

See, they really have velcro on them.
Guys, do you know what velcro rollers are?

In case you don't, I'm posting a pic here so you know exactly what I'm talking about before I launch into today's tale.  They're basically enormous plastic hair curlers, with velcro wrapped around the entire surface of the curler.  The not-soft side of the velcro strip.  Ideally, these curlers hold themselves up because they stick to your hair like a used dryer-sheet on socks.  They're also ridiculously big because when you let your damp hair dry with these rollers in, once you're done untangling the velcro out of your hair, you're left with tons of volume (and possibly, static too).

Bouncin' & behavin' hair.  Every girl wants it, and thus the Velcro Roller.

But as you can see, they're not very comfortable things to sleep on.  So, I find that I don't use them unless I've got tons of time to put them all in and let my hair dry.  Kind of hassle, actually.
"What?!  Whatcha lookin' at??"

Which is why... when my mom asked me to take her to the airport at some ridiculous early hour, I thought to myself...  5AM....  it'll still be dark... I'm gonna roll up my hair before I drive her to the airport, and return home and get to work with bouncin' & behavin' hair.

What a plan! 


The sun rose earlier than I expected.  At 75 mph, I managed to avert crazy stares on the Turnpike.  But not as I got closer to home, and as it got sunnier out.

I forgot how much you can see into other people's car when you're at a stoplight. 

Ripped out half the curlers by the time I got back home.  Had frizz all day.  Very very painful memory.


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