Thursday, November 10

Worst Best Intentions

So yesterday was my dad's birthday.

And... for the guy who has such a quirky sense of humor... I figured it would be apropos and original to pull the following stunt:

I pilfered around in his opened mail, and found a birthday card from a good friend who always remembers everyone's birthday and sends cards a week in advance, then slapped a sticky note over their names and signed mine.

I displayed the card on his kitchen table yesterday morning... and thought, "He's gonna get a big laugh out of this one."


In a flurry of activity and unusual amounts of busy-ness, I haven't had a lot of time to catch up with Big Tony lately, so when I finally chatted with him last night, it all came out...

Instead of the big hearty laugh I thought he'd enjoy over coffee, he apparently spent the entire day fuming, wondering why I would do something so "insulting" (yes, he used that word.)
OMG. Seriously? I then had to calm him down and dump a proverbial bucket full of cold water and rational facts:

"Pops, think about it. Why would I go out of my way to insult you?"

"If you thought I was trying to insult you, why did you stay mad all day before asking me about it?"

"Didn't I already give you your birthday gift last week?"

"You let yourself stay mad all day because I didn't go to a store and buy a brand new card?"

Reason won out over silliness, as usual.

But after the exhausting clearing up of this whole debacle, I thought, WHY DO MY BEST INTENTIONS TURN INTO DEBACLES??

I am never doing anything nice for anyone ever again.

OK, gotta get back to my online Christmas shopping.


  1. This guy was playing both my friends and they weren't aware of each other. I opened my mouth thinking I was doing a good thing and it ended up with the guy yelling at me and one of my friends angry at me. Even though I had good intentions it exploded right back in my face.

  2. A few years ago I planned my boyfriend's perfect birthday, I planned to take him out to lunch at a place where we had our first date, and then drive up to go to an NJ Devils game (his favorite team), followed by a lap dance I had been practicing for weeks. Well, the entire day he was miserable and I couldn't figure out why, come to find out he was mad because he didn't plan what he did on his birthday, I did - even though he would've done the same thing! I got so upset on the way home from the game that the lap dance was cancelled and we didn't talk for the rest of the night.

  3. can't catch a break just trying to be a good guy, right?? grrrr. this is why it's prob easier to not be nice to other people. lol

  4. Oh, Tat. So sorry to hear. Typical Mispad!!!