Monday, August 1

"We" Versus "The Ecks Bocks"

So I'm not gonna even pretend I know what I'm talking about when it comes to video games. The extent of my knowledge goes as far reaching as Words With Friends and Tetris, and as far back as Ms. Pac Man & Pole Position.

But, despite all of this, I'm contemplating buying A Game System.
All because I had so much fun playing Dance Central over the weekend. LOL. I know that one fun gaming experience does not warrant the purchase of an entire Game System, but I thought... hey, maybe I need to "get with the times" and buck up.

So, X-Box, because that's where I can play Dance Central, a game I actually now know how to play ...

... or Wii, which doesn't have Dance Central, but everyone on the planet seems to be MADLY in LOVE with it.

Need advice: Wii? X-Box? Neither?

07/23/12 Follow-Up 
Yeah, well, thanks for nothing, everyone.  I bought my X-Box last year, and I love it.  I own one game.  Yes, Dance Central.  And like all things purchased with the intention of achieving a perfect specimen of a well-cardio'ed body, it is now being used to place clothing atop of.

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