Tuesday, August 2

To Pee... or Not To Pee...

So an interesting conversation just sparked again, and I'd love everyone's opinion on this:

A co-worker (male) was on his way to bring me some paperwork, but he stopped at the restroom on the way. He tucked the papers under his arm, so he wouldn't have to go put them down anywhere, did his business, washed up, and left.

Question: Is that gross?

LOL, I've heard so many sides to this conversation, from both men & women here at the office, and it is sort of funny.

Newman, who votes TOTALLY GROSS on this subject, was actually also in the restroom, which is how this whole dialogue got started. The co-worker had no idea he thought it was so offensive; he actually thought he did the right thing by not letting the papers actually touch anything in the bathroom.

Is it gross because the papers were under his arm (and ergo, closer to the urinal and potential "spray"), or is it gross because he brought the papers in the bathroom at all?

Would it have been less gross on the sink counter?

And what about the ladies room... where we have stall doors and there are less opportunities for "spray"? I've heard strong opinions on other people putting papers on the counter (which, frankly I think is the grossest thing about public bathrooms)

So now... how about covered food. Water bottles with the cap on. Lunches inside a bag.

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  1. Bringing anything in the bathroom is gross! If I'm on my way out and stop and have my purse with me, I put it on a totally separate counter, away from the stalls (which have full doors on them, anyway) and especially the sink. That's about the only time I would do that. But people should never bring drink or food items in there! Yuck!

    To Newman and whoever else: while I agree that it is gross to bring paperwork into the bathroom, even if it is tucked under someone's arm and not touching anything, that paperwork is probably completely disgusting anyway, if people have touched it with dirty hands, and especially if anyone has licked their fingers and then touched the pages. Yuck!

    (Disclaimer: I am a major germaphobe and probably way too aware of how dirty things are, lol).