Wednesday, August 17

My Life As A Teenage Boy

So I got a tablet, and when I bought it, I was assigned a phone number.

Whatever. I didn't need it for texting, because I had my trusty Blackberry, so I never gave out the number.

But apparently the number used to belong to someone else.

A boy.

A teenage boy.

Below follows the tale of being on the receiving end of one teenage boy's cellphone. What I can tell you so far as Previous Owner, is that -- aside from being such a failure at letting people know he doesn't have a cell phone -- he is a boy in high school, probably a jock, and has plenty of annoying friends.

For several months, I've been getting messages ranging from the simple "Hey!" all the way to the ridiculous... Check out this tale below...

Yes, so apparently I've missed some pretty wild party (hey, I never did get the invite to that!), and as you can see by the big red X above, I am also the recipient of some ridiculous photogs.

... and even though I'm certain that I am not in possession of child porn (the girl is completely clothed)... I would like to share with you my artistic representation of the photo:

I'm an artist.

So what are the lessons we've learned today:

1) When one of your friends is notorious for not replying to your messages, it's good to check to see if he still has a phone.

2) The Modern Teenager -- despite how more advanced and bright than they might seem over generations past -- most of them are idiots.

3) Girls, if you're gonna send boys pictures of you in your jog bra and shorts, always make sure you've got the right recipient. To be absolutely certain, DON'T SEND PICTURES. And to be absolutely positively 100% certain... STOP USING THE CAMERA ON YOUR PHONE!


  1. This post is hilarious!! Maybe this kid got a new phone number because the girl contacting him is a stalker. Now you are being stalked. If you change your number I won’t blame you, but maybe you could extend the courtesy to tell her. If you don’t, that means she will have been phone dumped twice. In the end, maybe you should continue to just not respond because her messages are pretty interesting/funny. These teens are our country’s future…scary. Hope they wise up!

  2. LoL...that's too funny. Sorry you're going through all that though! At least it's entertaining, right?

  3. hilarious, annoying, and yes entertaining! i won't lie, it is kinda funny. i buried the shortcut for the messaging bc i don't even use it, but the notification always goes off, and then in the little window i always see the start of their dumb messages ... "heyyyy!!!" "im sooo bored" "where u at?"

  4. *~* Jenny *~*8/17/2011 11:55 AM

    Hi Toni, could you pls remove the pic from your blog please?? I heard you mention this on the radio and that you received a picture this morning after the crew questions and when I read it this was pretty inbarassing for me.

    Thanks <3