Wednesday, August 24

From The Archives: "Breaking News at 2PM??"

Now before you get all wound up about this, I know earthquake news is important. As is a Libyan revolution.

But man oh man, why does this stuff still all seem to happen right around 2pm Eastern Standard Time???

Coz that's when ABC airs my SOAP!

Below is a recent archived fave on this very matter....

From The Archives: Toni Ryan Says, "Breaking News at 2PM??"

Anyone who knows me -- even only a little bit -- will not be surprised to know that every weekday, from 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock, the TV at my home is devoted to one thing:

Taping One Life To Live.

So, you can probably understand why I'm starting to get very fed up with something that's been happening a lot in the world. It seems like lately, the most critical pieces of important news just have to be shared between those very hours of 2 and 3.

Now don't get me wrong. An emergency's an emergency. But c'mon, seriously?
(And this is nothing personal on you local news folks at ABC NY. I'm looking at you too, DIANE SAWYER. And YOU, Mr. President!)

Press conferences would be taken seriously if they took place at 1PM. Or 3PM. Commentary about said press conferences don't need to happen before or after. I find the phrase, "Tune into the news tonight for information" sounds GREAT after a really brief news conference about an upcoming meeting/court decision/union negotiation. Updates about local, regional, and world events are also not necessary if there is no change in status.

Is it coz they wanna keep us really up-to-date? Well, that's why they invented the internet, duh.

Everyone knows not to keep soap operas on in the background in case a world emergency happens. I mean, for those of us looking for our dose of ABC's "Love In The Afternoon", we're very grateful that you want us to be aware that the 6 Train is still delayed because of electrical problems. Chances are, anyone who'd wanna know those kinds of medium-breaking news things is gonna find them out elsewhere. (Or they're already on their way to the train, not watching Dorian & David get married for the third time)

And for you world leaders, please keep this in mind too! I mean, who wants to mull on important world things and then tell the world about them right after lunch? Go have a long leisurely lunch first! Digest it. Have dessert. Maybe take a nap. Then... before you hit happy hour, that's when you call the press conference. Sorry Oprah!

(Or is this because of Oprah? Because you don't wanna miss Oprah?!? Then HELLO how about wait until after Oprah, like 5PM, so it will literally be ON THE NEWS! LIVE!)

So that's what I have to say about that: Please avoid allowing major news events to occur while my soap is on.

Now. If only we could do anything about those emergency breaking WEATHER reports... can we get on fixing that??

- fin -

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