Wednesday, August 31

"My Life As a Teenage Boy" ... a FOLLOW-UP

So in case you missed this tidbit (from two entries down) I have an Android tablet with its own phone #, that most likely used to belong to some rowdy teenage boy.

New info... Apparently teenage boy name is TYLER.

Yes, I'm still getting messages. Constantly.

I could not have made this up, coz I am not nearly THIS creative.

So, when is it time for me to just ask for a new #... or is it time for me to start replying?

And if the answer is yes, do I reply as myself... or as TYLER???


1 comment:

  1. I changed my number once and my cousin didn't update her phone and text my old number. She had some nasty woman call her back and scream at her to tell me to straighten it out, like i have control on what people didn't update their phone! I would just text back, this is no longer tyler's phone stop texting it.