Thursday, July 21

Murder Mystery Dinner Whodunit Party Thingy

Whodunit?  Or more like it, who's done it?  Looking for advice from Murder Mystery Dinner Party vets...
I'm thinking about hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Whodunit Party.

LOL, is that even what it's called?

I've never been to one, but I've always thought it would be a fun idea. I am lucky to have a fun group of friends who love a good house party, and I thought this might be a different thing to try out, especially because there are so many comedians and drama queens in the bunch.

Has anyone else ever hosted a party like this, or been to one? Looking for tips, stories, advice, and if there's a best brand of those game "kits"....

My only hesitation is the fact that amongst the group are a couple of wiseacres who might potentially pull the rug out from underneath everyone and screw it up. You know... the second they get bored, they'll start a ripple affect of the usual off-track hysterics that are fun, but might wreck the surprise. I'm sure you also have one or two of these kind of friends -- who, God love 'em -- can occasionally be hooligans. Do you let those friends play, or will those kind of people usually be good sports?


  1. I went to one at crystal springs resort. It was fun and everyone seemed to have a great time. Depending on the story line I think it could be a little cheesy though so make sure to pick a good one!

  2. Thanks, Heather! Yeah, the potential for "cheese" is what worries me... esp with the ball-busters of the group. I think that's the sticking point: is there such a thing as non-cheesy Murder Mystery Party plot? LOL. I think I might've just answered my own question!!

  3. I've been to one in Hopewell and I was apart of one in High School (my Theatre class did it) It's so much fun :)

    For the storyline, I would try and find something that has shock value (in other words, a different character did it, instead of the character that looks obvious)

    Good luck!!

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