Friday, May 27

Cheryl Cole Huh?

So by now, anyone who pays an ounce of attention to television has heard of Simon Cowell's X Factor.

The latest buzz on this is that he was bringing his X Factor brethren Cheryl Cole across the pond to be a judge. In the UK, she is a pop starlet and former girl group-er who also got her start on X Factor. And from clips I've seen, it looks like she can handle the seat next to Simon at the judging table. Plus she's drop dead gorgeous.

No wonder at all that she came as part of the X Factor package.

Except, now she's gotten the axe... and supposedly, it's because her accent is a bit... much.

Not sure if it's English, Welshish, Scottish, a combo...?

If you can identify what is up with gibberish coming out of such a beautiful woman's mouth, please fill me in.

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