Tuesday, April 26

Royal Wedding Mania

Katie & Wills!  Love them.I loves me some Royal Wedding.

Even though I haven't been going berzerko talking about it, I really am pretty excited about the hullabaloo that goes along with an English monarch tying the knot. I remember being six years old at swimming class, trying to strike up conversation with an older "cool girl" with the line, "So, pretty excited about the Royal Wedding, huh?"

(Even though that marriage fizzled, I did learn to spiff up my idle conversations skills during the intervening years. Thank God.)

So even though I have dozens of other things I can store on my DVR (like re-runs of Tabatha's Salon Takeover), I'm making room for Katie & Wills' big day!

The only thing I'm not in love with, is all the pre-wedding TV programming that ranges from the boringly informative to the outrageously obsessed. Hello, a TV movie? "Based on a True Story". Duh. Somehow, watching a dramatization of people's lives if they're still alive, and not in prison, just seems a little invasive to me. I don't know why I don't mind watching about the American student in Italy, but somehow reenacting someone's personal love story seems a little meddlesome. Sure, I wanna watch their wedding and stuff, but I don't need to know how they fell in love.

And also a Major Dislike for something I caught last night: what Kate & Will's wedding will be like (we think). Caught this show last night that had dress designers, cake makers, florists, etc. who have worked on royal weddings in the past. They had all these people drum up their version of what they would do IF they were doing Kate & Will's wedding. IF. Huh? The cake guy made a ten layer cake for an imaginary wedding that he wasn't even hired for, just for the sake of TV.

Frankly, if it were me, I'd be like, "Uh, no thanks I don't wanna be part of your Imaginary Royal Wedding show. But thank you. Thanks for reminding me that I didn't get asked this time."

Now, excuse me. I have a Franklin Mint commemorative dinner plate I need to go and order.

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