Wednesday, April 20

Little Guy vs. The Man

So, the background on this post is that ABC is cancelling my soap, and since the news broke, there has been such outrage amongst the soap-loving community. You might've heard all of this already.

As much as I love my soaps and also consider myself one of The Outraged, I don't know if I can really boycott watching ABC. Honestly, I like Castle too much.

Otherwise, I'm 100% on board for the boycott.
(Easy enough since I haven't been watching DWTS at all this season.)

Plus, the soaps in question (All My Children and One Life To Live) aren't going off the air til later this year and next January, respectively. To heck if I'm gonna boycott ABC while my soap is still on the air!

Have you ever participated in a boycott or a campaign and actually got results?

Wondering if anyone things all the outpouring of soap-anger will get my soap uncancelled?

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