Tuesday, April 5

Nothing To Lose

Don't mess with Granny.Read this awesome story of a 66-year old lady who saved the day, by tackling a bank robber who was holding a gun. She screamed, "I've got cancer, you could kill me if you want!"

Talk about having nothing to lose.

I'm trying to imagine situations where I haven't had the guts to do something, but I wish I had. Maybe if I looked at challenges in that same way -- like I've got nothing to lose -- then I'd be happier, richer, prettier, smarter... married, even?

Who knows, right?

Have any good tales of your own when you've looked your own fear right in the face and said, "Eh, what the hell. Let's do it" ?

Would love to hear those stories right about now.

Feeling a little cowardly about a public speaking thingy I have to do this afternoon....

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