Thursday, March 31


So one of my Artist of the Day clues today was that they used to be a spokesperson for the Guess? brand.

(It's Fergie)

Way before there was only one "Fergie", when Black Eyed Peas were just that (a food), and back before humps and lady lumps, Stacy Ferguson was in a girl band called Wild Orchid, and had fair-to-middlin' success, thanks to guest stints in the Peach Pit After Dark ("BH 90210") and nabbing endorsement deals for Bongo and Guess?.

And back then, she was actually... pretty:

Yes, the voluptuous sexy blonde on the right in the pic above, is also the dominatrix from outerspace in the pic below.

But here's what I came across that cracked me up. The early days of Wild Orchid, posing with a rising pop singer. I'm sure they all thought, "Wow we're all so adorable and talented. I hope we're really famous someday." . . . .

(coz we ALL KNOW how that story turned out....)


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  1. Yeah, I remember Fergie from Kids Incorporated, she was always pretty talented, but I guess she became super Hollywood (looks like she probably got a nose job and maybe some other work done). The best career move she made was being in a band with men, because female singers always stand out that way. Although, after their Super Bowl performance, it doesn't seem like she can sing live, unless she was just off that day.

    My brother was always convinced that Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins was the little boy on "Small Wonder." Sometimes you really remember people from your childhood shows (like Mickey Mouse Club), and sometimes you are just way off! Lol.