Thursday, April 7

Kelly Clarkson called. She wants her DNA back.

When I was a kid, I got laughed at.

Yeah, you're sorta pissed off for me, aren't ya??

Well, this morning I got laughed at.

'Coz I was going around saying Lauren Alaina looked like Kelly Clarkson last night on Idol. In fact, that choice of "Natural Woman" (which seemed like it could've passed for Kelly Clarkson on sleeping pills... zzzzz....) -- and the way Gwen Stefani dolled up Lauren's hair -- frankly I thought she looked EXACTLY like Kelly Clarkson.

Here be the proof:

Come ON!  Couldn't they pass... for like... cousins, maybe??

OK, so now that you sorta agree with me, can we go and beat up the people who laughed at me?

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