Thursday, January 6


WHAT IS THIS WHITE STUFF FALLING FROM THE HEAVENS?!There are things I find so flipping funny when the weather sucks out....

Like the fact that everyone seems to act like it's never happened before.

Case in point: RAIN.

When it rains, you have people on the road who behave like they are in utter amazement at wetness falling from the sky. They drive by not using the gas pedal, rolling down the highway with so much fear that they're gripping the steering wheel and leaning forward as if that will help them see better (or drive more safely).

Then it snows.

Oh boy. PANIC ENSUES! And we're not worried about all activity coming to a standstill! Suddenly we're obsessed with how we're hungry for canned soup and sliced bread and needing gallons of milk to drink while we chomp on our sliced bread.

And I'm like -- REALLY?! I mean, seriously. REALLY?!

The only thing that I always remember so late in the game is getting enough salt for the driveway and stuff. I expect pandemonium for salt.



Who are you people that realize snow is falling and now would be a good time to buy shovels, gloves, bread, and milk? And that you have to do it RIGHT NOW!

And if you don't care to confess, just curious what other last minute items you'd just had to run out and fetch in the middle of a storm.

To make you feel better, I do have one: I used to live in North Jersey during Floyd, and I was on the train down to Princeton when I realized the office was closed, so I went to my parents' house -- where I didn't have any clothes. So as soon as roads were slightly passable, I drove/swam to Walmart for a pair of pants.

Oh, and during the Big One of '96, I was driving back to my apartment in Philly in The Worst Snowfall Ever, when I decided right then and there I needed a cellphone.... the next morning, with the roads covered in feet of snow, I took the subway to the mall and bought my first cellphone. And yes, it was heavier than my bowling ball.

And yes. I have a bowling ball. Suck it.


  1. i agree with you--people are cray when it comes to running out in the snow-- for myself the only thing besides the necessities i go out for are my cigarettes. its a shame, i will go more then happily walking in a blizzard just to get a pack of smokes!!! thinking about it, yes its foolish, but i guess if im willing to do it and i make it back home safely then its alright!
    ***btw*** since we're getting hit with the snow again later today, i am making sure to go get myself enough to hold me over for atleast 2 days so i dont have to take that hike this time around!

  2. um yeah, ya don't wanna be the weirdo neighbor asking to bum a smoke, or scraping up loose tobacco debris off the floor of your car in the middle of a blizzard.

    i may or may not have done both in the past.

    just sayin'.