Monday, January 31

Best of the Big Game Anthems

Christina Aguilera is singing the National Anthem at this year's Big Game...

... and no matter how amazing Christina's vocal ability is or has been, she's still got big shoes to fill. There have been some amazing and unforgettable versions of the Star Spangled Banner in the past at the SuperBowlTM.

If Christina even so much misses a note, or adds too much of the typical Christina "flair" -- everyone'll be buzzing about it Monday morning.

My hands down all-time favorite is the infamous sweat-fest from Whitney Houston years ago, followed in a close second by the Dixie Chicks. Check out both versions, and also past Big Game anthems by Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and Jordin Sparks....

Who was your all-time favorite American anthem SuperBowlTM singer? Or who do you think was the all-time best ever?

(If your answer isn't automatically Olympian athlete Carl Lewis, then take a listen to the last clip below... gulp. Awkward Alert! Awkward Alert!)

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Carl lewis was mocking the National Anthem with that HORRIFIC interpretation. Very funny to hear though. I am looking forward to hearing Christina, but I also LOVED Whitney's performance.