Monday, December 6

From The Archives: "Do I Look Like I Read Golf Magazine??"

I CAN'T BELIEVE I blogged about this MONTHS AGO, and it is STILL going on. And now, I also get SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Seriously. Me. I now have a subscription to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

From The Archives: Do I Look Like I Read Golf Magazine??

SO not my cup of tea.
I'm not sure what the heck is going on -- if it's prank, or a mistake, or a scam.

But I keep getting random magazines sent to me that I know I did not subscribe for.

Worse, they're not even magazines I'd be remotely interested in, so I'm not even sure how I got targeted. I mean for heavenssakes.... GOLF magazine?! Did I get flagged from purchasing some particular product? Because unless buying tampons, ice-cream sandwiches, Sharpies, and expensive shampoo is the profile of a golf aficionado, then there must be some kind of mistake.

And not only has this happened several other times with mags ranging from "Working Mother" to "Global Investor"... but then these people have the gall to SEND ME A BILL!



  1. This is happening to me as well. Its as if the publihsers think that we are mindless and might just pay a bill that we receive. What is even worse is when you then get collection letters for mags that you never even ordered. No one to call just email or mail. Doing the same things Toni. Hoping there will be a resolve of this!

  2. Thanks, Linda! I thought I was losing my mind, and that it was only happening to me. I do have a lead on a possible theory (just bear with me): a longggg while ago, a good friend, (who shall remain nameless, but we'll just say her name rhymes with Schmargaret) got me a gift subscription to Entertainment Weekly. Wasn't the greatest subscription ever, because issues would be missing, etc. etc. When it was over, I kept getting billed for renewals -- which I refused, but I kept getting issues & bills anyway. It took many angry emails to them saying to stop the subscription before it finally stopped. HERE'S THE THING: in my address label, there was a pretty blaring typo. So when I'd receive these mysterious FINAL NOTICE envelopes in the mail, I'd start knowing which ones were from the folks at EW's billing shady dept.

    Now. Fast forward a year or so later, and the influx of random Golf magazines, Diabetes Monthly, and Family Circles... ALL of these unsolicited subscriptions have THE SAME TYPO on my address!!!!

    Any chance my name's in a database from hell that will never die? Or maybe I was such a pain in the ass about all those missing EW issues, that they put me on a list of people who deserve to be terrorized with magazines I don't want for the rest of my life?

    Let's mull on that one for a bit...

    Keep me posted if you can get it to stop, Linda! I don't find Landscaping Architecture very interesting.