Monday, November 29

Thanksgiving Folgers Commercial

PETER!  Thank God you're home, no one else knows how to use this goshdarned coffee maker!My Thanksgiving 2010 was like a Folgers commercial.

After dinner, the doorbell rang.

And there on the doorstep was my cousin.

My cousin.

The same guy who moved to Seattle a year ago. He had called up during dinner looking for his mom and brother to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. He talked about the snow in Seattle, and how he was probably going to run to McDonald's for dinner.

Then an hour later, there he was, at the door with a suitcase in his hand. "Yeah, I made that call in the cab on my way here."

Without a peep to any of the many big-mouth relatives on both coasts, he had a friend drop him off on an early morning Thanksgiving day flight, patiently waited through holiday flight delays, nabbed a train from Newark, then a cab from the train station to my parents' house.

To see his mom's look of shock and hear her shrieking in delight was the best thing ever.

The only thing lacking... was he didn't waltz right in and start brewing us a nice hearty pot of Folgers. What a drag.

Hahahaha, yes, it was just like that old Folger's commercial. "PETER!" screams the mom! Yeah, they wake up to hear a clatter in the kitchen, their five year old isn't in her bed, and they bolt down the stairs... No, not a home invasion! Even Better! Someone finally made a decent pot of coffee!!!

(And if you're too young to remember this, you've probably seen the newer remake, with the "younger sister" who seems to have a creepy relationship with the prodigal brother. Weirdsies.)

Has anyone ever had a magical just-like-a-movie moment? Or something so spectacular it could've only happened in fiction, or on a commercial? Like a had-to-be-there bonafide Mentos moment?

I also wonder (and knock on wood that this never actually happens to me) if ridiculous car chases happen in real life. Like have you ever been in traffic, and had your car pushed up on the back of another car, while getting sideswiped by a Lamborghini going backwards on the highway at 100 mph? Does that really happen to anyone?

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