Tuesday, May 11

Do I Look Like I Read Golf Magazine??

SO not my cup of tea.I'm not sure what the heck is going on -- if it's prank, or a mistake, or a scam.

But I keep getting random magazines sent to me that I know I did not subscribe for.

Worse, they're not even magazines I'd be remotely interested in, so I'm not even sure how I got targeted. I mean for heavenssakes.... GOLF magazine?! Did I get flagged from purchasing some particular product? Because unless buying tampons, ice-cream sandwiches, Sharpies, and expensive shampoo is the profile of a golf aficionado, then there must be some kind of mistake.

And not only has this happened several other times with mags ranging from "Working Mother" to "Global Investor"... but then these people have the gall to SEND ME A BILL!


1 comment:

  1. I used to get Golf without subscribing. The best part, when I called to cancel, I got a REFUND in the mail! For a magazine I never paid for. Win one for me!