Tuesday, May 11

How to Spend A Hundred Bucks

Hit LIKE once you get there! AerosolesSo, with the Palmer Square daily $100 Gift Card giveaway, I've really been thinking about not just what a great prize that'd be for a special treat (dinner, a fancy new purse, shoes, etc.) but how a hundred bucksis such a nice little convenience to come across.

And just sticking with the Palmer Square theme, here's what I could do with a hundred bucks in the square if I won today's gift card (and of course, all of this is just wishful thinking because I can't win. Boohoo.)

- Comfy new flipflops at Aerosoles. There's a sale I checked out over the weekend, and this pair I was checking out came out to less than $25.

- A graduation card from The Papery.

- A key fob from Coach (less than $30) as a graduation present

- Happy Hour cocktails with a girlfriend at Winberie's

- My favorite zit cream from Origins

- A couple sorbets from The Bent Spoon
... and I'm sure there'd be a few dollars left over.

A hundred bucks, and I got a couple things for me, a gift, and some hangout time with my best girlfriend. Not too shabby.

So, that's the challenge: A Hundred Bucks. What could you do with it?

(Bonus points if you can stick with Palmer Square!)

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