Wednesday, October 27

Make Your Own Reality Show

There's room for more.  Oh, yes.  There is.I would never pretend that I don't like Reality Shows, because I do watch a good portion of them.

Whether they're competitive strategy contents, talent contests, home makeovers, personal makeovers, behind the scenes of a celebrity's life, behind the scenes of a non-celebrity's life, ballroom dance, interpretive dance, inside the homes of unusual family situations (short, tall, rich, poor, high hair, low hair, lots of kids, lots of spouses, shore houses, pimped-out houses etc.), drug interventions, messy home interventions, parenting interventions, supernatural interventions, medical anomalies, medically transformed anomalies, or just how people do their jobs manufacturing sports vehicles or manufacturing beautiful baked goods....

Yeah, I will pretty much watch any and all of the above.

So believe it or not, I think there's still room on the Reality Show spectrum for a "new idea".

If you could decide the plot of a new reality show, what would it be?

Because I'm obsessed with cruise travel, my contribution to television history would be "THE LUV BOAT: The Reality Show" -- and wouldn't just be about randoms hooking up while on vacation to Puerta Vallarta, but also Life on the High Seas, the hijinx that ensue behind the scenes with the ship staff. From the window washers to the galley. Sorta like original "The Love Boat" meets a CW-version of "Suite Life on Deck with Zack & Cody".

I'd love to see the chaos that ensues when someone gets all territorial during a game of shuffleboard.  Ooooh!  Must-see television for sure!!!!
Sorta like "The Dating Game" meets "Temptation Island" meets "Cake Boss".

You get what I'm sayin'.

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  1. It's funny that both you and Newman blogged about reality shows today :)

    My fiance used to be really, really against reality shows, but then I got him hooked on Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, The Biggest Loser and The Amazing Race (and old episodes of Nanny 911) (as an aside, going along with your apostrophe blog, I usually use quotes when naming television shows or movies, but this was another great debate with my fiance, and I'm not sure who was correct, so I just stopped using them). Sometimes I think there are too many reality shows, but at the same time, we're now totally off of The Biggest Loser (I watched every single season; I think he watched about 3) because we just can't stand it anymore. Same types of people, corny scripts and now really bad acting by Jillian (and sometimes Bob). It was getting bad last season, but is out of control this season. We couldn't even get through the first episode! Lol. So I guess it's good that they keep coming out with new reality shows, because at some point, people are going to tire of the older ones.

    I like the dating/matchmaking reality shows. There was a cute one on Lifetime back in like, 2008, but it was only on for one season. It was about single moms trying to find love again. I think the Millionaire Matchmaker show is going over the top now with the vulgar/crude stuff, so I'm not into that anymore. And I also liked another show that was on somewhat recently, I think on TLC, about two friends trying to run a daycare. A reality show that's a little more wholesome, but not too corny, would be nice :) You know, a change from the yelling/fighting/puking/etc.