Monday, October 25

Apostrophe 'S'

More Flags! More Fun! [Half-Dozen] Flags! I love seeing grammatical mistakes in places they shouldn't be.

Printed books. Signs. Newspapers. Official documents.

Because it means, somewhere in the world, there are people entrusted with important responsibilities who still make mistakes. Kinda keeps the whole universe in perspective.

<--- Saw this sign in a parking lot of a local famous amusement park where fun is measured by numbers of flags.

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[In fact, I'm not just laughing at the "... it is Contents" implied by the Apostrophe + S here, but I am equally baffled by the phrase: "contents damage".]

I know the use of the APOSTROPHE + S can sometimes be a confusing little game. In fact, right here in the PST studio last week, we got into a mind-boggling debate over the APOSTROPHE + S because of anything that might belong to ChriS RollinS.

"Chris's books"? "Chris' pencils"? "Chris Rollin's car"? "Chris's Rollins's purse"?

Ugh, so confusing.

You have any grammar hang-ups that still plague you after all these years away from Phonics classes in 2nd grade? Like "They're" versus "Their"? Or the fact that "would of" is SO not correct, especially when your/you're going for "would've"? Or where a period goes when you're using quotes or parantheses? (Like, would it go on the outside here)?

All's I do know for sures is that "I Before E Except After C". Which I still manage to bungle sometimes.


  1. I think even "All's" is incorrect! Lol. It is definitely mind boggling. I'm a grammar snob but I always second guess myself when someone else thinks they are correct. My fiance and I got into a debate once about the whole words ending in s showing possession thing. I always thought of it as Chris' or Cruz' and he always thought of it as Chris's or Cruz's. We looked it up online and came to the conclusion that maybe we were both right, but I still think I'm right and he's not, lol.

    I used to have an ex-boyfriend who would never use there, their or they're correctly, and we were in our late teens/early twenties when we dated. I blame his horrible school system because he also didn't have a clue how to do fractions, or even how to write in cursive! It was crazy. But I did try to teach him the meanings of the words to try to help him. He would be so proud when he would get it right! :) It's too bad his actual teachers didn't help him with it when he was in school.

    P.S.-I notice misspelled signs all the time and think both "how could they make such a mistake?" and also what you said, that it's kind of reassuring that other people make mistakes also.

  2. hahahaha oh debbie, it so is NOT correct at all. I just like throw the "alls" out there now again as props for my Jersey brethren, I freakin' love youse guys.

    you want a doozie? and this one i have to look at every day, it's a sign in our parking lot that says the "premise is under surveillance".

    really? LIKE REALLY?!???? The *premise* of me wanting to park my vehicle in front of the building is what's being surveilled? Yeah, I didn't think so.

    Scoffing at that error every single day just makes me into the biggest jerk to ever diagram a sentence. What can I say, us shorties like to be so arrogant when we can. You know, to compensate and stuff.

  3. Lol!!!! That's hilarious! :)

    Hey, knowing how to be grammatically correct doesn't make us arrogant, it's just something makes us feel good about ourselves! It's not like we're rubbing it in people's faces or anything. I actually work with someone who labeled her attorney's file drawers as "draw A-C," "draw D-F," etc. She says "drawer" as "draw" and apparently thinks that's how it's spelled! I think it's ridiculous but I have never said anything to her about it. She also says "renember" instead of "remember." I have another co-worker who says "bought" instead of "brought." Again, I say nothing! I just, you know, post it on blog comments instead :)

    You gotta feel good about something, and I never feel good about my looks, so it's all about the semi-smartness that I have, lol.

  4. Unfortunately Toni, you have at least three easy to spot grammatical mistakes in this blog entry. :(

  5. Hahhahahha unfortunately, AJ, they were intentional "mistakes" to prove a point. And I'm pretty sure there were way more than three. :( lol

  6. Do you like Jake Ryan? Yes or no?