Thursday, October 28

From The Archives: "Supereasy Last Minute Costume Ideas"

This gem is from last Halloween, and as I perused last year's offerings and realized they're still viable, AOL has also updated their offerings, so click on the link for GLEE ideas and other uber-timely trendy costumes....

From the Archives: Supereasy Last Minute Costume Ideas

Got these costume ideas from AOL.COM, slightly tongue-in-cheek but I think these could actually be pulled off. Like this one:

D-bag is an easy costumeIngredients: "A scraggly beard (often referred to as a 'creepy, flesh-colored beard'), plenty of hair gel and a slew of nonsensical sayings to utter incessantly while you speak about yourself in the third person."


Your Costume is: The Jerky and Infamous SPENCER PRATT!

"Since Spencer is known internationally as the king of douchery -- and since he's talked about legally changing his name to King Spencer -- why not don a fake gold crown and a custom T-shirt with the simple phrase 'D-BAG.' "

ISN'T THAT BRILLIANT?! And esp supereasy, if you look anything like the guy!

"If you still think it's not obvious enough, bring a surgically-enhanced blonde pal with you to be your Heidi and pay off paparazzi (friends with cameras) to follow you around all night as you strike fake poses."

Your essence is beautiful like sunshine and groundhogs. How about Paula Abdul?

The site's suggestion for channeling a really good Paula: "...all about the attitude: Randomly jump around and start dancing, while throwing your hands in the air... randomly start spouting nonsensical phrases like 'Simon always refers to a fortune cookie and says the moth who finds the melon finds the corn flake always finds the melon and one of you didn't pick the right fortune' ... randomly start slurring your speech and nodding off... you get the idea. Act craz ... uh, enthusiastic and spirited."

Dexter Halloween Kit? They've also got great ideas for being characters from The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Gossip Girl, and Dexter.

And by "great" of course I mean, no one will get your costume right away, and they'll all think you're a lunatic, but at least you won't be the jerk at the party wearing street clothes.

That'll be me.

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