Friday, October 29

Window Shopping at the (Sky) Mall

Aw, c'mon don't act like you've never read through it.  Raise your hand if you've ever shopped SkyMall.

Believe it or not, as a chronic catalog/ online/ infomercial/ home-shopping-TV addict, I have never shopped the SkyMall. I mean, sure I've perused longingly through every page, because I love catalogs that provide flimsy, plastic, Made-in-China solutions to problems you didn't even know you had.

I do have a SkyMall travel alarm clock that was gifted to me as a Christmas present (and some cash tucked into the box!), but I've never actually made a purchase.

So PLEASE TELL ME! I want to know what you've bought off of SkyMall.

No judging, I swear.

I swear on my HSN Club Card.

P.S. This is in response to Chris's Rollins's blog today about whether or not to dress up her 1-year old for Halloween... yes, also available at SkyMall.

Buy me, Chris Rollins!


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