Monday, September 13

Talk About Getting Typecast...

I saw the Resident Evil Afterlife last night. In 3D no less.

Sure it was good, I guess. I never expect to put a movie like this on a list alongside The English Patient or Schindler's List, but I did expect excitement, action, and entertainment. And I got it.

However, I did not enjoy the fact that watching a movie with a little thirst quencher would cost me nearly TWENTY BUCKS. Yeeesh!

(By the way, I love how you're encouraged to upsize your "small" drink for only fifty cents. So, you can either have this Five Dollar GALLON of soda, or if you toss another fifty cents and can the "medium" which is approximately fourteen TONS of soda. I said no to the "medium" because somehow I wasn't quite that thirsty.)

TRAPPED!  Again.  (boring).But I digress. My real point is that I am worried for WENTWORTH MILLER.

He's in this movie, but he might be better known as the cute actor from "Prison Break", the character with all of Google Maps satellite images tattooed all over his body to help aid his escape from any form of imprisonment.

And yes. He starts off imprisoned. And ends up escaping.

Oh, I'm sorry, I was talking about "Prison Break". Er, well, no, I was actually talking about this movie.

Actually I'm not sure.

Because that's all I know this guy does. Play characters who are imprisoned. And eventually escape.

Poor guy.

I hope his next movie is totally different. I hope he plays a guy in a bad relationship who eventually moves on to a great new relationship.

Oh wait, never mind.

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  1. Well, he also plays quite handsome men who run off with Mariah Carey! Mmm...he was quite dreamy in the "We Belong Together" video, was he not??

    I also recall seeing him as a Law and Order SVU cop. So that puts him on the other end of the law enforcement spectrum.

    Just a couple examples to show that he does stretch his acting chops a bit.

    Though I will grant you that he tends to "brood" a lot. Very serious, furrowed brow, deep in thought, pensive expression. That seems to be his constant.