Tuesday, September 14

What's In YOUR Junk Drawer?

Not actual Junk Drawer. Actor Renactment.Today, I cleaned my Junk Drawer.

And yes, that's right. I have a Junk Drawer at work.

(So what about it?? Huh? Ok, that's what I thought.)

In case you were wondering, but too ashamed to actually ask, or too lazy to Google.Anyhoo, I was rooting around for PINKING SHEARS, which I'm convinced I had buried in there, and it became obvious that the bi-yearly purging of the Junk Drawer was in order.

And man, do I have a lot of crap.

While I never did find said PINKING SHEARS, I did find a wide variety of randomness:

Travel Sewing Kit.

Orphaned staple refills

(you know, the chunk of twenty staples stuck together that constantly fall out of the box).

Soy sauce packets.
(I am actually scared to report that they were empty. I don't know how this happened. They didn't leak. It's like they just evaporated out of the plastic. I'm not sure how many years this took, but alls I know is I NEVER. USING. SOY. SAUCE. AGAIN.)

A forty-pack of pencil eraser tops.

Sticky Note orphans.
(That chunk of the last couple dozen post-it's that are stuck together and annoying to take apart, but too valuable to jut throw out)

Pretty thumbtacks that I've been saving for a special occasion.

And yet, it gets better.

Here are my Top 3 Exhibits from Toni Ryan's Junk Drawer:

A Personal Fan with a USB plug.
I remember buying this off a clearance rack and thinking to myself, "Well, now I'll never again be sweaty and uncomfortable sitting next to my CPU. Thank God."

Double-stick tape.
This always comes in handy for craft projects, when I'm too lazy to use aforementioned sewing kit, or when I'm too lazy to use aforementioned Sticky Note orphans so I end up making my own sticky notes.

Free Promotional Samples of Computer Screen Squeegees.
Yes, I have more than one. And I don't know why I still have them.


  1. I think you are awesome

  2. Thanks Anonymous, I was just thinking the exact same think about you. Like, I actually said out loud, "Y'know, Anonymous is pretty awesome."