Tuesday, September 7

First Day Of School Stress

BLAH!  I HATE YOU, SCHOOL BUS!  I HATE THE SOUNDS YOU MAKE!I don't know what it is, but this time every year, I get major stressed out.

Well actually, I do know what it is.

The last few weeks of August and the first few weeks of September. And I can tell you for sure that it has everything to do with the first day of school.

In a time when I should be enjoying the glow of Birthday Love (August 20, please write that down), it gets quickly overshadowed with knowing Labor Day is on the way, and that I will be waking up to the sounds of a school bus coming to a stop in the streets in my neighborhood.

You know the sound.

The sound of a school bus coming to a stop in early September really stresses me out.

I won't lie. I HATED school. So this feeling of dread went on for twelve years. Then college came, and it got WORSE. Standing at the registrar's, worrying about where the hell my Financial Aid check was, did I get into a class, will I have time to stand in line at the bookstore, did I bring a wagon to carry the seven hundred pounds of books, etc. etc.

So, even though GRADUATING was both a minor miracle and finally a time to rejoice that IT was ALL DONE, I cannot help the fact that I HATE THIS TIME OF YEAR because I still manage to get totally worked up. In fact, I also get worked up in May (final exams stress) and then super fidgety in June (end of school year restlessness).

Wow. I don't know what I accomplished by writing that all out. I mean, I don't feel any better. But maybe if any of you out there know how I'm feeling, then you will take comfort in knowing that I'm right there with ya.

So there it is kids, welcome back to frigging school.


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