Monday, August 9

"No Officer, my name's actually Schnarlie Schmeen"

I hope he isn't trying to use this to buy beer in the deli by General Hospital.

Charlie Sheen -- I Gave Cops False Identification

Charlie Sheen kept a fake ID in his wallet ... one that he claims was made for him "on the set" of one of his projects, this.... When Sheen handed over the California driver's license, Sheen told the cop, "It's fake, I had it made from someone on the set after I lost the real one."

This story is so weird. Why a fake ID? I don't get it. Because he's too lazy to go to the DMV? Everyone knows rich wealthy celebs can get their official business done for them without even trying. You lose your ID and your fix is just to have someone make one for you? Idiot.

And if he scored a fake ID for other nefarious reasons, like what would they be? I mean, how does Charlie Sheen benefit from a fake ID?

For driving? He's so high-profile that if his license was suspended, any papparazzi pic of him behind the wheel of a car is an automatic bust.

To buy liquor with? LOL I am certain he looks old enough.

Obviously, you can't travel on fake ID...

Probably the dumbest Charlie Sheen blunder thus far. And it's a double doozy: Getting fake ID, and then handing it over to a cop.

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