Friday, August 6

I'm TEAM KATY. Sorry Brian Wilson.

Hey you mean people!  No one else ever wished they ALL could be California Girls til WE came along from the beach!  Gnarly waves out too, dudes & dudettes!

Ripped from the headlines...

Ruh-roh. At first, I really thought that they were suing over the phrase "California Girls", misspelling notwithstanding. Girls, gurls, gerls... whatev.

But no.

Reps for the Beach Boys are threatening to sue Katy Perry after she included their classic line "I wish they all could be California Girls," in her song "California Gurls."
Put down the weapon, Annette!!!

Alas... The Boys are at odds with Snoop. For recycling that classic line in his rhyme. GASP. The Beach Boys made California Girls synonyous with being the most wished for girls in the universe, but only THEY are allowed to say it.

Sorry you west-coast golden girls. We all think you're pretty incredible, in fact we all wish we could ALL be California Girls too, but a bunch of aged surfer dudes'll get pretty ticked off if we do. So, sorry 'bout that. No one wants to get sued today. Or whacked. Literally, by a monstrous retro surfboard.

So, Team Katy/Snoop? Or Team Beach Boys (sans Stamos)?

Oh, I'd love to see that rumble go down on Pismo Beach.

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