Tuesday, August 17

From the Archives: "Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear"

I was in reverse this morning thinking about this again, and I STILL don't get it.

Just how close, exactly?"Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear"


Honestly, I've never ever really fully comprehended what in heck this means.

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

HUH? I mean, seriously. HUH?

So, wait. If I see an object in this mirror and think it's over there, it's actually not. It's closer to being here than I actually think.

This is so baffling in one specific instant nearly every day of my life: when I'm backing up the car.

SO. If I am backing up, and in that mirror I can see the distance between my car and that car, I should always assume I am actually closer than I think. Right?

SO. If I am backing up, and I can still see a space between the two cars... is it possible that even though I see a space, that I've actually already hit the other car?

Please don't try and explain.

Just let me stay blissfully confused on this matter. I always contort myself around and take an actual look out the window anyhow. I'd rather have a crick in my neck than use that stupid confusing mirror.

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  1. This is why my next car will have back up sensors lol...I hate that...if I stand in my house a foot from the mirror why doesn't it say it on those? I want a mirror in my house that says, "you are THINNER than you appear" now THAT mirror i'd love!