Tuesday, August 17


Awesome.The NPH is gonna be a daddy.

That's right, Neil Patrick Harris has twins on the way. And that is pretty awesome. Times 2. Har har.

I mean, imagine that.

You always wonder how celeb kids react when they're old enough to understand what a "big deal" their parents are.

Like, imagine Lourdes Leon putting it all together in her head, asking, "So mommy, lemme get this straight. You used to wear bras out in public when it used to be taboo, and you used to date Dennis Rodman? A kid at school told me that you wrote a book called SEX and talked about how you love your ... your... your you know."

Or Mel Gibson's little one going, "So I know you told me not to read Wikipedia, but it says that you said some pretty racist stuff to some cop, and then you punched my mom."

But how cool is it to be one of the NPH twins?

"Hey, sis... check out what I found on YouTube.... Dad's on this Dr. Horrible thing, and he's AWESOME!"

"Oh my God I know! I was just watching Harold & Kumar again, I can't believe how cool he is! Suri's dad is SO weird, I hate hanging out over there!"

This lucky pair get to grow up with one of the most funny & talented guys out there, who seems like The Nicest Guy in the world... they get to live with ... wait for it... BARNEY STINSON.

And not only that. We all know Doogie Howser invented BLOGGING.

Uh, hello! How cool is that?

So double Mazel Tov to the NPH family....

So fricking jealous.

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  1. He's so underrated and so awesome!! :) I was so happy when How I Met Your Mother first came out, because where had he been (other than maybe a t.v. movie or two)? And he's so great! And does seem really nice! :)