Tuesday, July 6

What the Heck Do I Know?

I know a lotta stuff, but none of it is important.I'm not gonna even pretend like I'm some kind of genius, coz I know that I am not.

First of all, I will declare right here that I hate reading the news.

I rarely read newspapers, online news, and barely watch the evening news. Sometimes if I am watching TV and I get suckered into believing I need to know why my city's water just might be killing me, I might hang on in front of the TV until about 11:02, which is when I get bored and decide that the killer water might be not that bad after all.

And I won't even try and defend myself here. Because one, I've already accepted that I simply get bored easily in every area of my life, and two, most of the news tends to really depress me. Unemployment, war, accidents, drugs, death, minutes from local town hall meeting... all of it has the potential to bring me to tears. So, one day, I sorta just decided, I'm gonna stop pretending that I know what's going on in the world.

If the info happens to crawl across my screen or I happen to hear it from Wendy McClure in the morning, or maybe I'll overhear something in passing conversation, then I will know what's going on in the world. After all, as Wendy herself even says, "Here's what you need to know..." and that's just fine for me.

Go ahead take the quiz!  Let me know how well you do!So it should not shock anyone to hear that I only scored a 4 out of 12 on this quiz about Current Events.  In fact, if there's any shock to be had, it's the fact that I even got FOUR CORRECT! I am so impressed with myself.

And for all you people that do know what's going on in the world... http://pewresearch.org/politicalquiz/quiz/index.php

... enjoy the quiz! Feel free to post your stunning results! Brag all you want!

In fact, please know in advance that Toni Ryan is already proud of you! Proud of your high scores and proud that the boredom and sadness available on the news has not swayed you out of being one of those people who "knows what's going on in the world". Good for you!

As for me, I need to do a little research about my upcoming vacation: I've been hearing that my cruise to Mexico might get all screwed up because of some sort of spill in the Gulf or something.


  1. i just took the quiz, and i got a 7 out of 12. the weird thing is, i dont read the paper or watch the news at all

  2. i got 7 out of 12