Thursday, July 8

Happy Birthday Kevin Bacon!

Kevin Bacon is 52 today.

Lookin' not too bad for 52. Happy birthday, sir!

So, to commemorate, let's just play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon today. In case you're not familiar with this timeless classic of a parlor-game, you take any actor/actress and try and connect them to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less, only using movies that they've appeared in.

For example, let's take Robert Pattinson...

who was in Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon...

... who was in Legally Blonde with Selma Blair

... who was in The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz

... who was in Knight & Day with Tom Cruise

... who was in A Few Good Men with... KEVIN BACON!

Phew, that was FIVE. Something tells me I could've done that in less steps. Hey, it's been a while. It was a fun activity in college... I was studying film, so technically, it was a learning aide.

SO, to commemorate Kevin Bacon's 52 years on Earth, I'll just throw out a list of thespians that you can work on -- and try your best to do it without the aid of IMDB.

Definitely ask co-workers for help. It'll make the day go by faster. Trust me.

"Toni Ryan's Kevin-Bacon-Birthday-Celebration Round of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"

1. Lindsay Lohan

2. Tori Spelling

3. Zac Efron

4. Tim Robbins

5. Jon Voight

6. Megan Fox

7. Jessica Alba

8. Ricky Gervais

9. Penelope Cruz

10. Ryan Reynolds


  1. Lindsay is easy! She was in Bobby with Demi Moore who was in A Few Good Men with Kevin :)

  2. Okay Tim Robbins was even easier, they did a movie together, Mystic River

  3. UGH! Jennifer! IMPRESSIVE! I forgot about Bobby.