Tuesday, July 6

First Name + Last Name

I came across this entertainment story this morning... that the drummer from Roots is in talks to collaborate with Amy Winehouse.

The drummer's name? ?UESTLOVE

That's right. ?UESTLOVE.

?uestloveReal name, Ahmir Khalib Thompson, ?uestlove hails from Philly. I'd love to support this local guy, but I can barely say his name. BARELY? Heck, I'm not sure if I'd know where to begin. Someone please tell me the Question Mark is silent. In which case, I still wouldn't know what to do with it.

OK, thanks Google. It's pronounced "QWEST-LUV"

What's up with not just sticking with the 26 characters that already go along with the English language we know and love? I can deal with an accent mark, a hyphen, or even an umlaut or the Spanish squiggly line.

As for what I will not accept? Numbers in lieu of letters, other symbols in lieu of words, additional punctuation or clever puns.

50 Cent
will.i.am (and his crony apl.de.ap)

First of all, you Black Eyed Peas people: I was taught to properly touch-type. And when you hit a period, you then hit the spacebar TWICE, and then capitalize the next letter/start of the next sentence. What is this lower-case/no-space crap?? It's bad enough that I can't write a scathing review about My Humps in Word without a stern scolding by Spell Check AND Grammar Check!!

50 Cent. Or Fitty Cint. How the hell am I supposed to alphabetize you in my CD and/or cassette collection??

And quit laughing, KEH-dollar sign-HAH. Or is that pronounced "Keh-kaCHING-HAH"? I seriously hate your name too! Can't you be a KEE-shah??

So, there it is, Ahmir Thompson. I think you should take that Question Mark and just stick it right on your forehead. When people ask about it, just say, "It's because I don't know why I don't like using the alphabet like everyone else"

And I'll also wear one and when people ask I'll say, "It's because I don't know how to alphabet a Question Mark. Does he get to go before Quincy Jones but after Ryan Cabrera?"


  1. l3@v3 th3m @lon3 it m@k3s th3m hip. Th@ts th3 l@ngu@g3 th3s3 d@ys wit kids. How u lik3 th@t????

  2. Y3@h wh@t th@t kid s@id. It m@k3s th3m hip, s0 l3@v3 th3m @l0n3. Th3y d0n't pick 0n y0ur n@m3 @nd th3y m@k3 m0n3y s0 th3y r3@lly d0n't c@r3.

  3. Ugh. Can someone translate all of that for me? I think I'm either too stupid and/or old to figure it all out. (Insert smiley face here)

  4. THIS IS THE FIRST COMMENT LEFT BY ME! leave them alone it makes them hip. Thats the language these days wit kids. How u like that????

  5. I GUESS I SHOULD TRANSLATE MINE TO, THE SECOND COMMENT. Yeah what that kid said. It makes them hip, so leave them alone. They don't pick on your name and they make money so they really don't care.

  6. Hahahaha, thanks Anonymous!! Well, what the heck was wrong with using the alphabet the first time!

  7. Also I don't put 2 spaces after a period like my computer teacher says and she doesn't care.