Wednesday, June 16

Worst Neighbor Stories

I drive through this really nice neighborhood all the time. It's one of those simple & pretty suburban dreams -- not a single ugly house or unkempt lawn.

That is, until recently.

There is a large beautiful house on a corner, angled out just perfectly that always had such a pristine yard. Clearly something has changed in the last few months. The lawn is wild, overrun and turning yellow. It's puzzling actually. It doesn't seem like the house is empty; there's always been a car in the driveway.

Of course, my little Toni Ryan brain has run amuck with crazy ideas about what has happened to the people that live here. Maybe the person who used to take care of the lawn, is sick, crippled, out of town? Maybe they are now angry folk who hate lawncare. Maybe they are now happy folk who love the look of reckless abandon. Who knows.

I do know that the neighbors aren't likely happy about it. I mean, all the nearest lawns are beautiful and perfect and lush and green. I can't imagine they're all like, "Oh Bob? Nah, he's not so much into mowing and outdoorsy stuff. It's cool, I just push the long yellow grasses over to his side. I might need a sickle pretty soon."

Whattup neighbor?And what can you even do about it? Like, if you live in a development where there isn't a homeowner's association? Do you knock on the door & ask them to mow their lawn? Do you offer to do it for them?

It made me think of all the neighbors I've ever had, and I've been really really lucky to have liked most of my neighbors, people who've coincidentally shared the same philosophy on curbside appeal and appropriate noise levels.

Luckily the worst I can share is the jerk with the yapping dogs and the electric fence. When the power goes out, this neighbor has no right to get pissed that his dog ends up wandering into my yard. Both dog (and owner) are equally intrusive and annoying. So, I guess it's not that bad.

I'm sure you've got worse tales of Next-Door Neighbor Crimes. PLEASE SHARE!

(But NOT if you're an annoying jerk with an intrusive yapping dog.... I know where you live!)

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  1. I think that you should keep your lawn and outside of your house nice because it is a representation of who you are. Some places will fine you if you have clutter or your grass isnt cut!