Tuesday, June 15

Bye Bye Grandma Wrinkles

Haven't finished watching last night's Real Housewives of NJ yet, but I already know that Dina Manzo is the one to go.

And I am truly bummed about that.

Not just coz I like how she brought her zany Buddha-inspired optimism in to balance out the "Ay-oh! Oh-ay!" Jersey defiance from everybody else on the show, but this also obviously means goodbye to Grandma Wrinkles, and the other undescribable "cat".

Is it me, or is this show starting to lose its sizzle?

I have been gettin' reacquainted with RH of NY and I can't believe all the continuous drama that has played out between these women. And that's what I love, because as painful & ridiculous as some of the drama is, there is a little air of truth about it that stings a little, to regular ol' folks like us! Overreacting, rewriting history, irrational conclusions, etc. We ALL do it, and we get to watch how those same nasty habits get people in trouble!

But the Jersey Housewives have something else on their plates. They have a lunatic who seems to be enjoying her notoriety and the tornado she has whipped up around herself. ("Lunatic" = Danielle, obviously) I don't enjoy watching that.

And I really did like watching Dina trying to manage the drama and remove herself from the drama and doing her best to stay calm through it all. And I liked it, because it made me think... "What would I do if I were in her ($800) shoes?"

Meow?Watching "the boys" scarf down $500 of deli meat & cheeses at Poker night, or Jacqueline trying to discipline her 18 year old's online foolishness, or how Teresa is going to financially manage her family on less acreage and marble countertops, and without Gia's acting classes, or yes, even The Ham Game... all that I like.

Danielle, not so much.

People at Bravo, PLEASE GET RID OF DANIELLE! The woman and everything about her is ruining the show!

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