Thursday, June 17

Kate Gosselin's REAL Before & After

I bet she sits around the house in that get-up. I would.It's bad enough that the gossip rags are obsessed with Kate Gosselin's Hair du Jour, but they also love to point out the drastic before & after she underwent since "going Celeb".

And being an avid fan of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (the show, not the non-show antics, just the show)... I think it's time someone stuck up for Kate here.
Hey, I just popped out six babies, don't I look way hot?
Y'know how we always see the pic of a sloppy, chubby, brunette Kate with a failed Dorothy Hamill hairdo, lined up next to a pic of a leaner, tanner Kate, she of cosmic sun-visor hair fame.

The thing is... there was no "before & after"! If anything, Kate pretty much just looks like an older version of the gal she always used to look like (and if you ever watched the show, you've seen old videos and family pics). Well, hello there Glamour Shots!That infamous before pic is when she was a human incubator for seven (yes, there were once seven) fetuses, wrapped up in saran wrap & Vaseline and bed-ridden somewhere out there in Berks County. I hear when you're pregnant sometimes your hair gets darker. I also hear when you're pregnant you put on weight and look bloated. Now take that, and multiply by seven! And voila... a bad Kate pic that doesn't even really look like her to begin with!!!

So, in the name of due diligence, I am posting some true Before pics of Kate Gosselin. Before kids, before marriage, and even before Gosselin. And frankly, she ain't too bad looking.

Even after the twins, gotta admit Kate still looked pretty good!

Who can blame a gal for wanting to look as good as she did on her wedding day??

So there it is, Kate Gosselin, not actually an ugly beast with pretensions of using her fame to get better-looking.

However, if you're also a fan (again, of the show, and the show alone) and wanna do a little J&K reminiscing... or you wanna see just how tragic it is when a decent marriage fails, take a look at this vid ... Jon & Kate, when times were... well... better.


  1. Its so sad what the entertainment business can do to people. Im not a big fan of her and i dont agree with everything she has done but honestly it is a tragedy that her family is being torn apart.

  2. I wanted their life...Can you believe that? But then again, I was only 16...what did I know about life? I hate that the media did this to them. And now when these poor kids get older, they'll look back and put two and two together. :(

  3. It was nice to read this! The only reason I read this was because I couldn't understand where they got the "before" picture from. I remembered her looking young and blonde when I saw one of the first shows about them on TLC. Nice to know that I'm not crazy - I remembered right.
    People like to trash Kate, but my heart goes out to her. I'm sure she had no idea what the consequences of fame would be, and I'm sure she's confused and simply trying to make something good out of what's left. That's what any of us would do, right?

    Nice post. Thank you!