Friday, June 25

Sticking Up for Kate

So today it's everywhere: Kate Gosselin has had a botched Botox job.

And the pic that's been shown everywhere is pretty damning.

She looks like she got the shock of her life and she's still surprised, and it happened in a wind tunnel. But I looked at the pic, and it seemed pretty obvious to me that she hasn't had Botox, but instead has a makeup artist who should be fired. Pronto.

SO, in the interest of fairness, I took today's "Botox" pic and compared it next to an old pic with another terrible makeup job.

This makeup artist has made her look like The Joker before! Clearly her makeup person needs a protractor that isn't broken, and needs to lay off the disco-ready eyeshadow. And hey, it's probably her doing her own makeup. In which case, LAY OFF THE EYESHADOW!!

THEN... to further illustrate my point, I hit up my good friend Paint once again. I "fixed" Kate's yucky cosmetics job to lower & lighten the eyebrows, and tone down the slutty eye makeup.

A) Kate's Bad Makeup & Bad Angle
B) My Paint makeunder
C) Kate ... what she usually looks like (see B)

So, here I am again reminding everybody that Kate Gosselin is a pretty good-looking lady. Naturally. I mean, someone's gotta stick up for the girl! I'd hate being accused of having bad plastic surgery when in real life my skin looked THIS freaking good even after eight kids!

Go ahead, click.  She won't bite.

I mean, like her or not, you gotta give a girl props for using sunscreen and taking good care of her skin!!


  1. lol she is just raising her eyebrows in the photo... i dont get the big deal

  2. And isn't the whole point of Botox to remove wrinkles/lines? She definitely has lines in her forehead, so how could it be a botched Botox job? It was so botched that it didn't work except to raise her eyebrows really high?? That doesn't make any sense.

    Nevermind the fact that I don't think she would have her forehead prominently displayed (i.e., hair up and back and no hat or big sunglasses on) if she really did get a bad Botox job.