Thursday, June 24

TV Shows You'd Never Watch Again

SeeYaByeSo, LOST is over, and as much as I loved that show sometimes, I really can't imagine ever sitting down and watching it again. From the beginning.

In fact, it really isn't even that kind of show where you can just jump in and watch an episode by itself. Like, I can do that all the time now with House re-runs. I doubt I'll ever start House again from the very beginning -- every episode, in order. But if it's on, I'll watch.

Same for classics, and usually sitcoms. Friends. Seinfeld. Maybe X-Files. Maybe Desperate Housewives. Or a CSI-type show, with a clear beginning-middle-end.

But I'm also figuring out that I need to stop buying shows on DVD too, because I just realized I never watch them, and I only ever watch those shows again when they're being re-run and already on TV, oooh look it's on right now!

LOL. I figured this all out when I looked at my DVD collection and saw that I had the first seasons of a lot of shows and most of them I'd never even watched. (Unless, like I said they were actually on TV at that very moment.)

Good show for commitment-phobesI was thinking about watching Harper's Island again, that one-season whodunit show on CBS. It was only meant to last one season, and it did. People got killed off, and in the last episode we got the "Big Reveal". Then the credits rolled, The End. Nice and neat.

We need more shows like that. I might be willing to invest the time going into it if they pitched a show as "ENTERTAINING! FUNNY! AND ALL THE STORIES WILL BE WRAPPED UP IN EXACTLY SEVEN MONTHS!"

I mean, it's just TV. It shouldn't be a commitment. That's why we human beings have real-people relationships, other people to get trapped together with. I don't need to feel married to my TiVo. And I want to know I'm free to see other TV shows. And not feel pressured to give up all my time for this one TV show. Ugh, too much pressure!

Hey, if any TV show guaranteed it would be neatly wrapped up after a set period of time, not only would I be happy to watch it, I might actually buy the DVD when it's all said and done.

AND I might actually WATCH it!


  1. I totally agree. I used to think how great it would be to have Seinfeld on dvd, but really, when would I ever watch? I have the whole Sex and the City series on dvd, because I never watched it when it was on t.v., but after watching the episodes once, I never watched them again. I also started collecting King of Queens and Will & Grace, but haven't gotten too far with those collections, lol.

    The one dvd collection that I do actually watch is Roseanne, because I used to watch the show all the time (especially all of the reruns), and it's like a walk down memory lane.

    But when you think about it, you're right, when are you ever going to have enough time to watch every single episode again? I bought the Sopranos dvds because I didn't have HBO, but I never bought the last season, and still have not seen it. Obviously, my life has gone on and I've been just fine! Lol.

  2. hahaha, yes, life does go on! i have every season of how i met your mother (so far) & arrested development -- and i do watch both, but mainly bc the tv in front of my treadmill doesn't get cable so i can only watch dvd's -- and those are shows i can just jump into at any point and know i'll love it.

    i think when we REALLY love a show, it feels like POSSESSING the DVD's makes us feel closer to the show, know what i mean? i figured this all out when i started watching 24 a few seasons too late -- watched like three seasons in the space of a month (WHEW!) and after a while i realized i was fast forwarding through a lot of the running scenes.

    and i thought, man, i don't think i will ever wanna watch this again!