Wednesday, May 5

Shutting the Trap on Lost

Sometimes on a Wednesday morning, a girl just wants to talk about Lost.

Is that such a terrible thing?!

Hahaha, if you work at PST, the answer is YES!

Because the bulk of people I see first thing in the morning who are also Lost fans are also the people who get up soooo early, Lost hasn't even aired in some timezones.

Case in point, Newman & Dave.

They usually watch on Wednesday evenings, as they dine on their Early Bird Special.


Well, this morning, I already knew that a pre-emptive banning was in place mainly because I, too, am a Loyal Listener. I was listening to them this morning talking about locking me out of the studio. So, I stood outside the glass door of the studio while they talked and made sad faces. Then Newman walked casually over to the door...


Hahahah they really did lock me out!

AND THEN... The Kicker.

Newman returned to the door, and pressed his hand against the glass:

Oh yes he did.


Well, obviously, only "hysterical" to a Lost fan.

Not hysterical if you're Chris Rollins or everyone else. She cannot understand how this show has made us so crazy & obsessed, and I can't blame her. The fact that Newman is writing things on his hand, they're locking me out of the studio, and that people around here practically got fingers in their ears while screaming, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU, I CAN'T HEAR YOU, LA LA LA..."

Yeah, I definitely can't blame her!

p.s. and Guys, for what it's worth, I wasn't even planning on torturing you this morning to talk about it. The episode was so ridiculously action-packed, tragic, romantic, and shocking that I wasn't ready to talk about it today anyhow.

Oh, did I give anything away? ;)

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