Thursday, May 6

I Heart Palmer Square

Aaah... Palmer Square in Spring.  LOVE IT!One of the best things about Princeton is Palmer Square.

I especially love it this time of year, when it starts warming up, and staying lighter out -- can't you almost picture it? -- strolling around the Square, people watching on the green, window-shopping maybe, meeting friends for dinner or drinks, sampling fun new flavors of Bent Spoon sorbet.

Hit LIKE once you get there! Now's the time of year, where I schedule meeting up with friends by telling them to meet me at the bar at Winberie's, or for dinner at Teresa's, so I can secretly run some errands at the same time. Hit the Post-Office. Get new lipstick at Blue Mercury. Pick up a graduation card at The Papery. And I've got this down to science, because believe it or not, parking is so much easier with huge spots to park in the street, and really easy to access parking decks -- and the parking really is cheap. Then, everywhere I need to go is within this cozy square block. Which - trust me - is a total plus, especially when you're rocking killer stilettos that need to be seen by all.

And finally - the best part about Palmer Square in Spring?

G i r l s N i g h t O u t !

It's happening a week from today - Thursday May 13th - at Palmer Square and these are the important bullet points:
RSVP now!
** exclusive promotions & DISCOUNTS

** FOOD samplings

** live MUSIC

** raffle PRIZES

** FREE parking

** FREE admission

(lol, you can tell which key words stood out for me!)

Palmer Square is always perfect for meeting up with your best girlfriends, and now you can turn it into a perfect shopping night out. Uh, hello, no brainer!!

Just make sure you RSVP online so they don't give your free parking to some other chick. LOL, kidding. Just get all your gals to RSVP online in advance because it's always fun to show up at chic places and have your name on a list. (I feel special, even at yoga class, because my name is on a List)

(I know, I love "exclusives" too!)

In the spirit of "Girls Night Out", Palmer Square is giving away a $100 gift card each day, Monday, May 10-Thursday, May 13.

Easy to LOVE, but if you just LIKE them, you could score a $100 Gift Card!And it's SO SOOOO EASY to win....

Just Go to "Palmer Square Princeton"s Facebook page and make sure you click LIKE...

... then post the following on their wall, and you’ll be entered to win!

"I found Palmer Square from WPST and my favorite place on the Square is…"

And, that's it! Good luck :)

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