Wednesday, May 26


I'm really weighing this out carefully, because I don't want to seem like a total creeper.

Just found out today that MY SOAP is filming in Mercer County this summer.

Yup, my One Life To Live will be in Hopewell filming this summer, and today, at Palmer Square in downtown Princeton and Pennington.

All places I travel through frequently.

As you can imagine, I find this news VERY EXCITING. I am an unabashed soap watcher, and catching up on OLTL is just a part of my day. Other people have kids; I have MY SOAP.

Best News Ever.  Well, if you're a soap fan.So this actually made me think about how much of a FAN I am. I mean, ok, so I do a drive-by. Or I squirm my way onto a set so I can meet the stars or get some insider scoop. But then, why would I do that? Like, what would I say if I ever met any of these people that play my show faves? "Hi, I'm Toni, you don't know me, and I don't know you, but I know the character you play very very well, so I guess that like makes us ... friends or something?"

Hahahah, every scenario I can think of screams of CRAZY and then I thought about it... so I get to meet them, get a snapshot with them, and then what? They won't really be the manipulative evil baby-stealing twin in real life. They'll probably be a nice regular person and that'll be it. It won't be any different than walking up to any old random person and striking up a conversation with them about their job. While they're at work.

The Requisite Brody pic. It'd be a crime to not include this pic in a blog about OLTL.  Yes, this hot guy is on MY SOAP.And it's not like I will ambush the set and suddenly get miraculously written into a scene or whisked away to some awesome exclusive screening with the director. If I'm not escorted out by security, I'll probably just get in my car and drive away (likely Tweeting at the same time).

Hmm. None of this sounds like such a great idea.

OK, that's settled. I'll just do my thing and let them do theirs. Right? And if I happen to see anything cool being filmed this summer while going about my regular ol' business, then cool.

Although, if any of this filming nonsense gets in the way of me trying to drive somewhere, that'll be ME they'll have to bleep out of the scene. Just sayin'.


What would you do? Should I just say "screw it" and drop in on the filming if I can? I mean clearly I love this show SO MUCH (like so much, yeah, maybe I would marry it). Like, if you loved a show/movie this much, would you do it?


  1. Oh definitely go there! How many times in life do you get to see someone that you can only see from afar, like actors? You only live once! GO STALK! Take pics, be social...if my 14 yr old finds out she will be right there with you!

  2. OLTL filming so close????!!!!!!

    I completely understand your dilemma and I say you'd be kicking yourself later if you didn't at least do a drive-by, if possible.

    I'm still waiting for One Life to film around Bucks County. After all, "Llanview" is supposed to be a Philly suburb. ;)

  3. OMG keep us posted as to the where abouts of "one life to live". i am close by and i will make an appearance!!!